Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, rewrite your first post.


I’m not sure I could improve on my first post.  Reading it now, over three years later, I think it still says what I wanted to say, elegantly and succinctly.  If I had to be picky, the only thing I would change is the very final sentence.  I would put “Americanos in particular” in parentheses.  That’s it.

Oh god.  Does that mean I haven’t improved in THREE YEARS of blogging?!


In the Beginning, there was the Word

“If I want to get hired to do something, I should already be doing it.  People can’t always see potential energy.  Instead of allowing a current job description to stand in the way, turn off the Scrubs re-runs and start a side project.  Draw a picture, code a site, or write something and share it with the Internet.”

Trent Walton (You Are What You Eat)

And so begins my blog.

I’m thinking about a career change lately (or rather, a career addition), and I have the desire to write, but how does one take an acting career and turn it into a writing career?  Well, I believe the best way to learn to act is to act, so maybe the best way to learn to write is to write.

So, I’ll write.  And drink coffee.  Americanos in particular.