Have you made your bucket list? Now’s the time — write about the things you want to do and see before you become dust in the wind.


I have not made an exhaustive bucket list for my life.  My problem is that I can only think so far ahead in the future, so really my bucket list is more like “Things I Want to Do/See in the next Five to Ten Years” list.

Also, had I made a bucket list five years ago, I would have already crossed off a number of things I’ve done, so even though this list appears short, it doesn’t include things I’ve already accomplished like “Travel through the United States in a Westfalia camper van” or “Become a professional actor” or “Write an awesome blog.”

So here it is (ridiculously short for a bucket list):

  • Spend a year abroad (my top two contenders at the moment are Paris and Prague)
  • Learn French (to facilitate the year spent abroad in Paris)
  • Visit the village in Ukraine from which my Great Gido emigrated
  • Learn Ukrainian (to facilitate the trip to the village in Ukraine)
  • Restore an old house
  • Own a rental house (Perhaps the restored old house?  I could knock two off the list with one blow).
  • Plant a kick-ass garden (Who am I kidding?  I do this EVERY SUMMER.  Booyah!)
  • Own goats
  • Live on an acreage with those goats (and Will, and the dogs, and the chickens of course.  It wouldn’t just be me and the goats).

Some are realistic (I could own goats); others are lofty (really, Jamie, you’re going to learn not one but TWO languages in the next ten years?  HA. HAHAHAHAHA).

Are bucket lists really a thing?  Does anyone actually have a bucket list that they cross items off of?  Seriously, I’m curious.  I’d like to know because I actually never really considered writing one before.  It’s kinda a fun exercise, even if I never get to cross everything off.  I’ll keep ya posted if I add anything else.