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That means two things:  pysanky and garden planning.  

First, gardening.  Every year, we fail to take proper gardening notes, and inevitably end up wondering what the heck we planted last year.  Last year, I kept a seed album, and shoved all the seed packets into a photo album.  That was very helpful when deciding what variety to plant.  But I didn’t record any dates, so I have no idea when we started our seeds indoors or what we sowed outdoors before the May long weekend.  The blog shall rememdy that this year.  Look forward to some very “diary-like” entries on the garden.  

To kick it off, this weekend, March 22nd/23rd, we’ll be starting seeds indoors.  It is now nine weeks before the last frost day in Saskatchewan.  

We went through our stockpile of seeds from last summer, and there isn’t much we have to buy.  Actually, we don’t have to buy anything.  We got to the seed store, and stared at the rows of seed packets, slack-jawed and drooling, and Will said, “So what else do we need to buy?”  And I replied, “Actually, nothing.  I don’t know why we came here.”  Then we continued to stare at the seeds for another ten minutes.  

Indoors, we’ll be starting cucumbers, cantaloupes, leeks, broccolli, basil and one variety of tomato.  We really had to hold back on the tomatoes.  We’ve started tomatoes indoors before but have always found that it’s better to buy seedlings from a greenhouse in June.  They’re much healtheir than the spindly pathetic plants we produce in our basement.  However, it’s very difficult to hold oneself back in March when you just want to plant the shit out of things.  

Outdoors, we’ll soon (and by soon, I mean in about a month) be sowing kale, spinach, chard, peas, and radishes.  Followed closely by carrots, squash, onions, corn, and potatoes.  (And probably three or four other things that I’ve forgotten.)

Second, pysanky!  Yay, Easter egg time!  The first one I made a few nights ago was terribly embarassing.  It always take me two or three to get back into the swing of it.  Here’s my third attempt.  I am enjoying exploring the Forty Triangles pattern.  I think all of my pysanky this year will be a variation on that theme.  

Happy weekend!