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In my journey to not be a slave to inspiration and to write despite what I happen to be feeling at the time, I discovered that there is one mood that prevents me from writing:  nausea.  I had the stomach flu last week, and I just couldn’t write.  I couldn’t.  I tried, but the most I accomplished was dropping off the foster toddler at daycare, so that I could come home and go back to bed.  Ugh.

That was the first three days of the week anyway.  I felt better by Thursday, but by then the week was more than half over, and I thought, “Why start now?”  (Another “mood” I battle with all the time:  laziness/apathy).

I’m going to ease back into it today with a post about seeds because, you know, spring.

I just signed up for something that made me incredibly excited when I saw it – a SEEDS OF THE MONTH CLUB!  I got a little light headed just now thinking about it.*

*I think I could be a very successful actor if I really devoted all my energy to it, but honestly, when one gets that excited about seeds, acting is obviously not their only passion in life.

There’s a website/blog that I adore called Fresh Eggs Daily.  It’s my go-to resource for natural chicken keeping.  Lisa, the blogger, lives on a farm and has ducks and a large garden, you know, basically my dream life.  Today she posted about the way she organizes her seed packets (just like I do – in a photo album), and mentioned that she belongs to a Seeds of the Month club.  BWUH!?  Why am I not part of this?!

Will had barely sat down at the table with his morning cup of coffee, and I was already whining about signing up.

“It’s less than a cup of coffee a month, well, okay, a FANCY cup of coffee, I guess, but still!  Seeds!  In my mailbox!  Every month!  Please, can we sign up?”

To which he replied, “Yes, but sign up now so we get them in time!”  (Love that man).

The seeds are open-pollinated, heirloom seeds.  The are not certified organic, but they are non-GMO, and they are not owned by Monsanto.

If the idea of seeds in your mailbox every month makes you very happy, use the link below to sign up.  (Full disclosure, if you sign up through this link, and choose, for example, a six-month subscription, they add six months to my subscription for referring you. When you sign up, you get your own link.  Don’t think of it as supporting my addiction though; think of it as starting an addiction of your own).

Seeds of the month