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1)  We went to Early’s yesterday (the local feed/seed store).  Bought some layer ration, oats, and sunflower seeds to make up a batch of Breakfast of Champion layers feed for the girls.  Already have cracked corn, diatomaceous earth, and nutritional yeast.  Got the recipe off Fresh Eggs Daily.  Don’t have all the ingredients but should be pretty close.  I’m excited for the girls to try it!

2)  Will made a whole bunch of deer sausage and deer jerky today.  Thank you  deer(s).

3)  Our friend Alan came over for supper tonight and brought a truck-full of composted manure with him from his farm.  This stuff is black gold.  Our garden is going to bloody rock this summer.

4)  It snowed this morning.  Not so much exciting as annoying, now that I think about it.  But it will provide some lovely spring-time moisture as it melts in the next few days (See?  I can look on the positive side once in awhile).

5)  Our foster toddler is going to be moved to a family member’s house in the next few weeks.  She’s been getting to know her new family and has a visit scheduled with them this weekend.  We’re so happy for her! (Not to mention, we’re looking forward to taking a break from child-rearing).  A positive outcome in the foster care system (It’s not all bleak awfulness.  Sometimes there are rainbows).

6)  The leeks and tomatoes we planted failed to thrive (boo!) but the broccoli is going strong (yay!)  We bought onion sets and garlic at Early’s yesterday.  Looking forward to planting onions and radishes next week.  (Only suckers wait for May long).  We’re planting yellow onions, white onions, and red onions, as well as a small amount of soft neck garlic.  Our hardneck garlic has been in the ground since the fall.  Also, the chives are up and tulips are starting to poke through the dirt/snow.

7)  Got a couple of new play workshops coming up with SPC’s Spring Festival, and possibly some auditions, so the acting career is still afloat.

8)  The forecast says +17 by Friday!  So.  Exciting.  Time to clean the coop methinks.  Got to scrape out the winter wood chips, get some fresh straw for inside and a bag of sand for the run.  I’m also planning to add a chicken swing (look it up on YouTube – my girls will love me forever) and some curtains on the nesting boxes (apparently it helps them lay?)  Would also like to build a crushed eggshell/oyster shell dispenser this summer.  I usually put it in a dish on the ground but they go crazy and spread it all over the run.  A dispenser will be much neater.

See you tomorrow!