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Warning:  There is no unifying theme to tie this post together.  It’s part garden diary, part pole dance diary, part good looking chicken photos.  

Dear Garden Diary – 

After receiving my first envelope from the Seeds of the Month Club, Will got to work right away with planting.  We started cauliflower, oregano, and lemon mint, plus the cucumber Patio Snacker seeds that we had ordered earlier.  


Both the oregano and lemon mint said that they could be direct sown in the spring, but I’ve never grown those herbs from seeds before; only from seedlings.  I usually direct sow dill and cilantro, and grow basil, oregano, thyme, and mint from seedlings.  But who knows?  Maybe I should throw some seed in the ground this year to see what happens.  Probably our growing season is too short to direct sow those herbs.  In other news, all the radishes are up!  I am getting closer and closer to the return of my beloved French Breakfast radishes.  Yum.  

Dear Pole Dance Diary – 

Ouch.  It’s been over a year since my last pole class, and all I can say is ouch.  I forgot how much pole dance hurts.  Not only can I barely lift my arms the next day, but I have lost my lovely calluses (on my hands and the backs of my knees).  But I also forgot how much I LOVE pole dancing.  This week I worked on Butterfly, Scorpio, and Handspring, as well as a bit of Caterpillar Climb.  I would place myself solidly in a Stage Five class at the moment.  Once my pole skills are back up to snuff, I think I might make a video for my website.  It’s all fine and dandy to put on your resume under the Special Skills section “Pole Dancer – Intermediate” but I doubt most people know what that means.  Unfortunately, “Pole Dancer” is still synonymous with “Stripper.”  

I’ve been working on my back bending, too.  Progress photos:



And now for some good looking chicken photos..