All three chickens have clean, fluffy butt feathers again.  Barbra’s swollen abdomen looked a bit better today, but Judy’s is still pretty big.  Ginger’s isn’t swollen at all, but I still washed her butt feathers.  They were a bit dirty, but I think she’s quite healthy and doesn’t have vent gleet like the other two.  In fact, she’s laid two days in a row now.  

I took away their Breakfast of Champion layers mix, and returned to plain old layer ration.  I guess I should know better by now than to mess with their food.  I’m also wondering if perhaps they’re eating too much grass.  Since it has been so nice out, I’ve been letting them out in the yard to forage quite a bit, and maybe they’ve gorged on green things after not having anything during the winter, and their digestive system can’t handle all the freshness.  Who knows?  Chickens are a big mystery to me most of the time.  

Tomorrow, they will get another tablespoon of yogurt each, as well as apple cider vinegar in their water.  I’ve been scraping up any food that they toss on the ground so that they aren’t pecking at poop and food at the same time.  Tonight, I bought supplies to make a “No Spill Chicken Feeder.”   I’m hoping it lives up to its internet hype.  It’s made out of PVC pipe and is supposed to make it nearly impossible for the girls to fling and toss their food all over the place.  We’ll see about that.  

Have a lovely weekend!