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Mondays are usually my day off from my regular, part-time job.  Monday is the day I work at my other jobs:  self-employed actor/urban homesteader/homemaker.  My day off was so busy yesterday that I didn’t even have time to blog.

Things that happened here in the past four days:

Well, to start, THIS.

Yes, that’s 20 plus centimetres of snow dumped on the city in about eight hours.  Wet, heavy snow that knocked out power lines and brought down trees.  Our power went out for only a few hours, thankfully, and we only have one broken branch on a tree in the back yard.  (This fir tree that has doubled in size in the past ten years, and is waaaaaay too close to our house and our neighbour’s house and has to be removed anyway.  I feel awful removing a healthy living tree, but I’d feel even worse if it went through my roof).  Gratefully, four days later, it is +18 C again and all of the snow is gone.  Surprisingly, everything in the garden survived – garlic, chives, radishes, spinach, kale and beets.  Hardy little plants.

Animal health update #1 – Kingsley.  He’s almost back to his old self again.  The Metacam did wonders, and he’s eating lots and gaining back his weight.  He’s jumping on the furniture and pulling on his leash.  I can tell that he’s no longer in constant pain.  His breath has even improved from the antibiotics working on the infections in his teeth.  I feel so relieved.  I’m positive that he can live through his golden years in comfort.  Always get a second opinion.

Animal health update #2 – Chickens.  I continue to give the girls yogurt every morning, and instead of apple cider vinegar in the water, I switched to GermeZone in their water for five days in a row.  Today I opened the nesting box and saw this –  

Hurrah!  I also built them a new feeder, and they have yet to fling their food around the run.   The treatment is working, but until I see THREE eggs in the nesting box, they will continue to receive their yogurt breakfast and GermeZone in the water every other day.

The new feeder –   

Enjoying their yogurt –

And finally, another monthly installment of my Seeds of the Month Club arrived.  So exciting!  Will also started the Armenian cucumbers and melons this weekend.