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Despite the 20 plus centimetres of snow last Saturday, our early-planted garden is thriving.  The two raised beds were covered in thick plastic.  Not well covered, mind you.  One sheet had big holes in it, and neither were covered on the ends.  The weight of the snow collapsed them for the most part, and yet, the tiny seedlings are not only alive, but thriving!


radishes and beets

kale and spinach

Then there’s the utter beauty that is hardneck garlic.  It was delightful to see their green spikes sticking up through the snow.  


Really, the snow didn’t cause any damage to the garden.  It was merely an incovenient form of moisture for the soil and seedlings.  


Unfortunately, the weeds in the garden are also thriving.  Gotta get on that this weekend.  As well as cleaning the coop.  I bought a straw bale to replace the bedding in the coop.  I left it outside and didn’t cover it, not expeccting the snow storm, of course.  It got a bit damp (soaked, really).  I’m hoping the sunshine and wind will dry it out before Sunday when I plan to spring clean my feathered friends’ residence.