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Forgot to post on Friday.  

I worked full-time last week between my regular, part-time job and my acting job (not to mention raising a child, wrangling the chickens, chasing the dogs, cooking the meals, and cleaning the house – my homemaking job).  I was workshopping a new play by my friend Ken about the foster care system.  It’s going to have a public reading on Saturday, May 16th as part of Spring Festival this year.   (If you’re in Saskatoon, the reading is free, so join us!  Details at saskplaywrights.ca)  So of course I was practically brain dead come Friday evening.  I’m not sure I could’ve written a coherant sentence if I tried.  


Saturday morning, we went to the Farmers’ Market – the outside vendors have returned!  Hurrah!  

Saturday afternoon, we went to the Sask Eco Living Expo, and (gasp!) I got to set foot in an ACTUAL TINY HOUSE.  I didn’t know it was going to be there, and when I spotted it, I got light headed and a bit giddy.  It was so very, very beautiful.  I think what I appreciate most about tiny houses is their simple efficiency and lack of clutter.  On a scale of one to ten, one being “Never Going to Happen” and ten being “It’s Happening as We Speak,” I’m currently sitting solidly at eight, as in “I Have Already Started Sketching Plans for My Tiny House.”

Will’s “bee friend,” Chris, came over in the afternoon, and they cracked the hives to have a look at the ladies.  Those two hives are hopping.  I predict a really good honey flow this summer.  


Chris recently added ducks to his backyard chicken flock, and brought us half a dozen duck eggs.  I’m  dying to have a look at his backyard ducks.  Foster todller and I had scrambled duck egg sandwiches for lunch the next day – they had a lovely, dark orange yoke, and a softer, chewier texture than chicken eggs.  Delicious.   


On Sunday, we did some grown-up chores, like plan meals for the week and grocery shopping.  Then when Foster baby went down for her nap, Will took bee boxes over to our friends Melanie and Dan’s house.  Melanie built the hive boxes, and Will has ordered a package of bees to arrive next week.  Melanie is going to let Will put the hive in her backyard, and she help with the honey harvest.  


Sunday afternoon we attended a birthday party for our friends Matt and Kari’s four-year old son.  Foster toddler had a blast, and is now obssessed with a toy whistle that came in the treat bag.  

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it on here yet, but Will is trying dry cure salami.  He has it hanging in the smoker, aand smokes it about an hour a day.  It’s looking really good.  I think he may give it a go in about a week.  I’ll let him try it first – I’m still a bit suspect..


We also did some more planting this weekend, so I’ll end this post with a Garden Diary entry.  We planted onions (white onions, yellow onions, Spanish onions, and multiplier onions) over in Al’s yard (our friend’s rental property), and potatoes (Marilyn fingerlings, Blue Russian, Red Russian and Caribe – I feel as though I’m forgetting another variety we planted as well  – AC Ptarmigan, perhaps?) in our yard.  We still have five pounds of Yukon Gold to plant . . . somewhere.  And peas!  We planted two types of peas:  sugar snap and a hybrid bush varietal..  


Pretty good weekend on the old urban homestead.