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We enjoyed our the first asparagus harvest of the season at dinner this evening.  


Will cut into the Summer Sausage.  I ate half of a slice – not sure I trust eating what was essentially raw meat (with dry cure in it) that’s been hanging in a smoker outside for two weeks.  But it was really tasty.  Verdict?  It could use more drying time and more smoke.  


Just got home from a community association meeting, and it wasn’t until it came out of my mouth at the meeting that I realized why I just don’t give a shit about the community association anymore – I’m burnt out.  I’ve been on the association for five years as the Indoor Program Coordinator, and I’m so done.  This past year, being a new foster parent, I have found it very difficult to have any energy left over to devote to volunteering.  This was going to be my last year anyway.  I feel like I’m poisoning the whole group with my apathy and lack of committment.  Time to leave.  

It was raining and thundering when I got home.  I wish it would storm all night.  I sat in front of the living room window, and watched the storm for awhile until I felt better.  


Kinglsey had his first chiro appointment today.  He yelped, but he didn’t try to bite the vet like Ziggy does.  He’s doing so much better.  I hope the chiro helps him feel even better.  

I leave you with cute pictures of my dogs enjoying the sunshine this afternoon.