Garden activity this past weekend:

  • Planted Yukon Gold potatoes in a barrel.  Never done this before.  We’ll see how it turns out.  Apparently, you can get a pretty good yield.
  • Planted more peas (Sugar Snap).
  • Thinned the radishes.
  • Multiplier onions are up.
  • Soft neck garlic is up.
  • Peas are sprouting (I found Will scratching in the dirt to uncover a couple of seeds to check on their progress – so impatient!)

Bee activity this past weekend:

  • Package bees from New Zealand arrived on Thursday.  They spent a cozy night in a (secure) tube in our basement, and were moved to their new home early Friday morning. Fed them sugar water – they were very hungry.
  • Released the Queen on Sunday evening.  They are already busy starting to build comb on the frames and clean out old cells.

Chicken activity this past weekend:

  • One of the two Barred Rocks is definitely laying again.  I think it’s the one formerly known as Judy – I now call them Floppy Comb and Short Comb.
  • The other Barred Rock might be starting to molt.  I’ve been seeing black and white feathers floating around the back of the run the past couple of days.
  • Ginger, despite all odds, is now my most reliable layer.  Go figure.

Human activity this past weekend:

  • Had a visit from family in Regina.
  • Foster toddler bought me a dozen roses for Mother’s Day, and let me sleep in until 9 a.m. (and by foster toddler, I mean Will).
  • Went out for brunch to celebrate Mother’s Day.
  • Battled the onslaught of seasonal allergies.  Ugh.  There’s always a moment every Spring when I suddenly remember, “Oh yeah.  Allergies.  Forgot about those.”  My nose will now be miserable until the snow flies.