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I’m not feeling so bored or depressed about not having a toddler/baby in the house anymore.  In fact, I’m starting to remember how much I enjoyed my life pre-children.  It was pretty good.  Sleep as much as I want.  Read a book all day if I want (hell, just read a book without constant interruptions every couple of sentences).  Long walks with the dogs (not so long anymore; senior dogs can’t go very far these days).  Pole dancing.  Gardening.  Theatre.  Writing.  Biking.  Taking forty-five minutes to drink my coffee and read on a Saturday morning.  Wandering through the Farmers’ Market with no time constraints or threats of public tantrums.  

Children are great, but life without children is also great.  

Garden update:

Radishes and asparugus are going strong. I’ve been eating a huge amount of French Breakfast radishes.  I’ve waited all winter for these radishes, and they are just as wonderful as I remember them.  I eat the radishes, and the chooks eat the greens – they love radish greens so much that they start jumping up trying to snag them as soon as I open the coop door.  


Rhubarb is ready to be harvested.  I still have a bag of frozen rhubarb in the deep freeze from last summer, so I think I’ll make a batch of rhubarb slushies this weekend, and harvest some fresh stuff for preserving (once strawberries are ready to go in July).  


Planted tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs in pots (since we ran out of room in the gardens). We actually got a bit of frost last Thursday evening, and it killed a couple of our tomatoes, and made the cucumbers really droopy.  The cucumbers perked up, but the tomatoes didn’t recover.  Have to grab some more seedlings this week.  




Hardneck garlic, softneck garlic, onions, and peas are looking really good.   


And the hives are all hopping.  There are starting to store honey already!