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It’s official.  I made pesto last night; therefore, summer is over.

The last of the zucchini has been harvested and the plants pulled out.


Crooked neck squash, tomatoes, basil, and grapes came in two days ago.




Freestone peaches arrived at the Farmers’ Market.  I canned ten pounds.  IMG_2880[1]

Some friends of mine gave me a large bag of pears from the tree in their yard.  It made a beautiful pear sauce.  I canned five pints.


All the squash, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants went into one big batch of spaghetti sauce that simmered all afternoon in the crockpot.


I attempted to make a batch of fermented kosher dills after receiving a large bag of pickling cucumbers from another friend of ours, but alas, my fermentation skills suck, and there is mold growing on top of the brine.  Still not sure what I did wrong – I’m new to fermentation.  (I’ll spare you the disgusting “after” picture, and just share the pretty “before” picture of the pickles)


These lazy, slacking freeloaders are still not laying any eggs.  Total duds.  Although, I may be judging them too harshly.  One night, a couple of weeks ago, I thought I *maybe* saw a rat near the coop.  I’ve actually never seen a rat so I’m not sure what I saw.  Whatever it was had a skinny tail, and was eating a dead mouse out of a trap.  Pretty sure it was a rat.  If so, that might explain why the girls aren’t laying.  If there’s a predator in the area, they’ll stop laying eggs.  How the hell do I solve that problem?IMG_2115[1]And on a sad note, once the pumpkins and squash are harvested from the garden, I will spread my faithful companion’s ashes in the garden.  We said goodbye to Kingsley this summer, and my heart is still full of grief.  I hope he’s chasing mice and gophers in doggy heaven and having a great time.  He deserves it.

IMG_2752[1]To end on a less sentimental note, Ziggy is thoroughly enjoying being the only dog in the house and doesn’t miss Kingsley one bit.  He’s happier and friendlier than he’s every been.  He really is a little jerk.  Oh Zig.  (And yes, he’s napping among the clean cloth diapers.  They’re soft and cosy!)