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We’re still waiting for the title on the new subdivision of the acreage we just bought so that we can set a possession date.  I wasn’t antsy last week, thinking it would come through by the end of the week.  But now here we are in the middle of the following week, and still no word from Land Titles!  Patience.  Patience.

Some photogs:


The Barn – needs a few fixes and some paint.


The corral – not sure this will hold the goats as is. Needs some work.


“Wild” honey bee colony living in the side of the barn. Fingers crossed it makes it til spring, and we can capture it.


Will, farmer.


Inside the barn.


Abandoned farm house behind the new house.

Creepy doll

Creepy doll found in the abandoned house. Cleanse this house with fire.

dining room

View from the dining room.


Kitchen. Dated but “good bones” as they say.

Living room

Bright, sunny living room.




Another shot of the beautiful barn.

There’s also a very large quonset, another old “house” (very tiny – an original tiny home?), another old barn, another old corral, a carport, three old grain bins, three old sheds, an old outhouse, and two old wells.  We’ll be cleaning up the yard for years to come.  (Thank goodness old barn wood is totally hot right now.  I’ll dismantle and sell those old buildings piece by piece).

I really want to fix up the old farmhouse as a guest house, but that’s on the five-year plan (and by five, I mean ten).  The first three things we need to do are (1) build a workshop in the quonset for Will (all work and no woodworking make Will go crazy), (2) fix the soffit and backdoor on the barn and paint it (not looking forward to that), and (3) dig out and plant a garden.  Can you believe this place doesn’t have a garden?!  Totally crazy, I know.  Our first year crop will include lots of potatoes.  Lots and lots of potatoes.

Then there’s the fruit trees I want to plant, not to mention the berry bushes.  We’ll have to start from scratch with our grapes and asparagus (boo!)  Will wants to create a food plot for deer and learn how to bow hunt.  Not to mention adding numerous animals, such as goats, more chickens, and perhaps pigs.  As well as foster parenting. We’re also becoming landlords and renting out our city house.

I think all my hair just turned grey.  Hard work lies ahead.

But there’s good stuff ahead, too – prairie sunsets and sunrises, a huge garden, fresh eggs, big skies, open spaces, stewardship, family gatherings, bonfires, cozy country winters, new friendships, new challenges, and lots and lots of love.