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Awesome things are happening lately.

My Dad bought us a tractor.


And the tractor made a garden.


I’ve planted the garden with four rows of potatoes already:  Seed potatoes from our old garden, Russian Blue, Marilyn Fingerling, and Yukon Gold.


Will cut a large hole in the side of the new coop and installed an excellent window for the girls.


I made a nipple waterer for the girls, but alas, I cannot train them to use it.  I’ve tried showing them how it works, smearing yogurt on it, smearing peanut butter on it, putting scratch underneath it, and nothing works.  They refuse to use it.  If you have any ideas on how to train a chicken to use a nipple waterer, please let me know.


I found the old door to the outhouses in pieces, and put it back together like a puzzle.  It says, “The Rose Bowl.”


The seedlings are all looking amazing.  I predict an epic garden this year.  As long as wildlife doesn’t decimate it.


I leave you with this awesome picture of one of my chickens.  I call it “Chicken with a Shovel.”