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Yeah, so I found this post in my drafts’ folder titled ‘Autumn!’ and no words written.

I was trying to write at least one post a month, and when that failed, at least one post a season.  Quarterly updates.  Not because I think anyone is particularly interested, but more as a diary for myself.  Sometimes it’s handy to look back on the blog to see when we planted the garden that year or when the first snowfall came.

But, you know, life with toddlers doesn’t afford one much time to write.

So when last I left off, it was the end of July, and little Freddie had just gone back home.  We slogged our way through to the end August and our crazy work schedules.  Managed to get a very small harvest from our severely neglected, weed-ridden garden, and can a few different preserves and fruit juice.

I was planning to have a relaxing fall, and as usual, take a break before taking another foster child.  But then we got a call for another little Liam, and we just couldn’t say no.

And then, because we just didn’t have enough to do, we added two goats to the homestead, and Petunia farrowed six new piglets.  I also started a new part-time job (which I love!) at the Remai Modern.  More animals!  Less sleep!  Hurrah!

Our neighbour tried to give us three more goats:

But thankfully, we found their owners, and they went home safe and sound.

The snow arrived near the end of October and never really went away.  The days are short and dark.  I feel like hibernating, or at the very least, camping out in front of the woodstove until spring.  Our lives are too full; there’s no downtime.  I often work 10-11 days in a row with no break.  I curse it, but then I remember that I am the instrument of my own demise and have no one to blame but myself.

Then the morning comes, and there’s this:

And somehow, it makes up for EVERYTHING that sucks about living in the country.

Til next time!