Hey.  I’m Jamie. Welcome to my blog.

A little about me:

About two years ago, we moved to the country, and I’m learning about all things rural.  I like coffee, chickens, dogs, gardening, and being a foster mama.

I live at Sparrow Hill, a ten-acre homestead, with my husband, Will, and foster son (soon to be adopted), Liam.  So far, we have two dogs (Ziggy and Jenna), ninety-two chickens (sixty are currently slated for freezer camp), two geese, eight pigs, two goats, six bee hives, and one giant, out-of-control garden.  I write about whatever.  Mostly homestead stuff.

Thanks for stopping by!

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. very nice blog Jamie Lee, i enjoyed my visit.. : )

  2. sonamsangmu said:

    Did Marianne become soup? 😦

    • No, we took her back to the farmer we got her from and he was willing to trade her for another bird. So we got Scruffy now. She’s crazy and skittish, but totally quiet.

  3. I have just spent a lovely few minutes roaming around your blog. Lovely posts. I’ll be visiting often.x

  4. Melissa said:

    Hi Jamie, I stumbled across your blog when I was looking into getting some chickens. I realized you look familiar, I think I have seen you at the Bee Club meetings, or your husband at least. I love your blog, right up my alley. (might be literally because I think we are fairly close to each other lol). It’s nice to read up and see what keeping chickens in Saskatoon climate will really be like.

    • Hi Melissa – Just got your comment. Sorry for the very late reply! Yes, I remember you from Bee Club, too 🙂 We haven’t been in awhile, but our bees are doing well. We expanded to three hives this summer, and have plans to double that next summer. Hope your bees are well, too!

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